Not Without My Hijab-WashingtonDC

By Be You In HD (other events)

Saturday, November 3 2018 4:00 PM 5:30 PM

Aneesa is a Muslim girl attending public school in the big city, struggling with many of the same issues many teenagers face: bullying, self-acceptance, and self-confidence. Along with these issues, Aneesa is also experiencing a conflict of conscience as she strives to remain on the “straight path” of Islam in terms of her outward appearance. Wearing her hijab has gotten her teased and even physically harassed on occasion.

Not Without My Hijab is a stage play that takes an inside look at a struggle faced by more young people than perhaps we realize. As Aneesa is torn between donning her hijab with confidence while navigating life as a teen and not wearing it but continuing to practice her faith, she confronts the question: Just how important is the hijab to her faith? Following Aneesa and her journey and meet her friends and other members of her Muslim American Family.

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